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Feeling Good While Mothering

Nurturing Well-being workshop for moms

The Full Story

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The birth you were so afraid of is over, and you returned home with your hands full, Baruch HaShem!

Now begins the nice part with the baby, right?

Yes but -that's not all..

The first year of the baby challenges many women.


The lack of sleep, the intensive care of a small baby around the clock, the changes in the body, at home, in relationships - it all comes together!


In the workshop "Feeling good while mothering," you will receive tools, ideas, and fresh perspectives to help you overcome the challenges of this period and feel better.


Join us for the workshop where you'll gain further insights and access to valuable additional content.

Get ready to embrace this journey with renewed energy and resilience!

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Chabad of Kirkland 



May 29th at 10:30 a.m

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Hey there, I'm Shir.

I'm all about unlocking your potential and guiding you towards a brighter, more fulfilling life journey.

Based in Seattle, Washington, USA, I'm a devoted mother of three and a committed partner.

My professional journey commenced at the Technion, Israel where I pursued studies in biochemical engineering. Post-graduation, my passion for making a positive impact led me to roles within pharmaceutical and medical device companies, including a stint at the Seattle sperm bank.

Throughout my life, the exploration of consciousness has been paramount. From my formative years, I've been captivated by psychology, relationship dynamics, reality-shifting, and neuroscience. This curiosity has been complemented by a rich tapestry of personal experiences, meditation practices, educational courses, retreats, and workshops, all of which have equipped me with invaluable insights and tools to aid others.

In 2018, I recognized a calling to share my accumulated wisdom with a broader audience. This impetus spurred me to create content, engage with individuals and groups, and co-host the "Living Relocation" podcast (Hebrew) with Limor Schwartz, focusing on well-being during relocation.

Over the years, my expertise has evolved, bolstered by ongoing learning and certifications. Today, I specialize in guiding transformative journeys, crafting compelling content, and fostering digital communities.


Through my work with individuals and groups, I empower others to shape a more compassionate reality.

In the processes I facilitate, individuals encounter their true selves, cultivating tenderness, love, and self-compassion. This journey enables them to navigate through challenges, find fulfillment in their careers and relationships, cultivate positive habits, attain peace of mind, and more.

Ready to embark on this empowering journey together?

Let's make magic happen! 

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